Explosive Devices,



Plastic Liquid Configuration

This is what I call development

BA and MFA Exhibitions 2010, 2015

Explosive Devices (MFA) utilized materials such as toothbrushes, razors, zip ties, coffee stirrers, AI applicators, etc. The theme references gender and hygiene products. There are pouches of eggs nestled in the paper to signify egg clutches from an alien universe.

Gyanomorphisms (BA) was the first attempt at paper sculpture. The sandboxes did an exceptional job as a platform for holding the paper. The notion behind Gyano was that the materials each had a history of being associated with gender.  String and paper had feminine traits while glass and metal and wood had masculine traits and so forth.

Plastic Liquid Configuration was made out of all recycled bottles, water and food coloring. This project was fun and had the lowest material impact by far and was very successful as an outdoor installation.

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