Dwellings, stoneware/earthenware, underglazes/decals, 2011

My ceramic work delves into the sacred space of dwellings, the homes in which we live and are influenced by. There is also symbolism in eggs and their place within the dwelling as living, growing, yet unidentified things yet to become. These eggs are always outgrowing the openings of their dwellings. There is also an unreconciled state of balance. These sculptures are in motion and are in a state of situating themselves, which can be compared to sitting on a sofa the moment before you are comfortable. These dwellings and eggs also exhibit a quirky attitude. The curls and ribbons that coincide within the dwellings are celebratory elements that express happiness and weightlessness. Their presence is also a challenge of craft and exposing them to high fire treatments. There is a conversation that is present about the tendencies of clay and how far the material is willing to go without warping, sagging and ripping.

Heather Whittlesey

A feminist artist with no strings attached